Over the Seas and Far Away: A Video Vacation

We put together a video of our recent four days on the river with perfect sailing weather, a small craft advisory, the first freeze of the season and more perfect sailing weather to get us home.

We’ve got the sound on low so you can watch it at work and not disturb your boss. Turn it up if you’re currently sailing or wish you were.

5 thoughts on “Over the Seas and Far Away: A Video Vacation

  1. Small craft advisory notwithstanding, it looks as if you had some really wonderful days on the water.

    Two questions:

    1) What was the bridge you passed under at 1:43?

    2) Whose shed full of cool stuff is that at 3:02?

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    1. Hello! How is are your travels now that the weather is so! cold!?

      I think the bridge is 301. It’s a ways down the Potomac from us. Looks cool at night as well.

      The room full of curiosities is actually the entrance to the Tall Timbers Marina restaurant. I wrote about it a few posts ago in the one about the most interesting man on the sea. The marina is pretty rustic but the experience was top notch and they made us feel at home right away. They have an oyster farm so the oysters are always fresh.
      If you’re ever in the neighborhood I would recommend docking on Saturday night so you can have a good oyster dinner and wake up to their Sunday brunch.


      1. Both look cool. And I remember enjoying your description of the most interesting man on the sea. Looks like he picked a most interesting place to be interesting in.

        We may get to travel up the Potomac on our way back from the south end of the ICW, assuming we ever get there, since we haven’t started going toward it yet, although the dropping temps are makingn thisn our highest priority. If we run into you at the restaurant, you can follow up your “interesting man” post with one about the most ignorant man on the sea.

        As for the temps, our cabin fortunately heats up quite quickly with the small electic heater my sister-in-law gave us. Unfortunately, there is no 30A service in the anchorages we expect to stay in as we head south, and the only thing we fully understand about the capacity of our propane tank is that it is woefully short of “infinite.”

        So this trip is gonna be one heck of an education.


    2. Our 2016 Waterway Guide to the Chesapeake Bay arrived today.

      The bridge you asked about the Harry Nice Bridge, Rt 301 at mile 44. Salt water fishing ends and fresh water fishing begins here, midpoint between the mouth and DC, and you would not be believe the amount of crab pots around it.
      There’s also a warning about the crap weather around the mouth of the Potomac. So much fun sailing into it.

      I thought the guide was going to be more charts but it’s mostly info about anchorages, marinas and the lay of the land once you dock.
      It’s great boat porn for the cruiser.


  2. We were talking about getting a propane heater but instead we spring for a generator. It takes a gallon of gas and has a 30amp so we can plug in and run our heaters. I’m not sure how often we’ll be at anchor during the winter but it’s a comfort to have.
    Beware the crab pots when you come up the river. In a monohull you can practically run them over but believe me, one blink in a cat in 3-4ft swells and they sneak up on you and get wrapped around the prop.

    I hope to read more about your winter adventures soon. Wicked Salty was chasing the sun when they first started out. We stopped watching when they were talking about selling the boat and getting jobs. So much for the dream of cruising away into the sunset forever.


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