Tiny Houseboat or Spacious Living?

“I have so much space,” said no liveboard ever.

I recently watched an old episode of Small Space, Big Style, another garden variety home design show where the host takes us into “tiny living spaces.”

One segment showcased a 1,000 floating cottage. 1,000 sq ft is tiny in what liveaboard’s world? Compared to our 34′ catamaran they’re living in a McMansion.

Check out this short 5 minute video (in English with exotic subtitles) and decide whether these liveaboards are hurting for space or  whether they have all the room they need. Did I mention the drum set in the basement?

12 thoughts on “Tiny Houseboat or Spacious Living?

  1. The best thing about small is that you can walk by any store and not be tempted to buy all the useless stuff that most people buy because you have no space for it. The second best thing for a liveaboard is no television, that is a marvellous escape from consumer pressures and bad news. Lastly, something that I cannot rate; it promotes intimacy. There should be a World Smallness Day.

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    1. Agreed on all counts!
      With downsizing, you start to wonder how many pairs of shoes you really need. Combine that with how many you actually have the space for and there’s your answer.
      Charles is much more downsized than I am but I’m getting there. I recently took six bags of clothing to a women’s halfway house and I don’t miss any of it! Every time I put away laundry I make a mental note of what’s going out in a bag next.

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