Teaching an Old Cat New Sailing Tricks

My best friend is 80 in people years and has never set paw on a boat. Time to change that with a trip to our fabulous cat-amaran.

This is how OC and I go to sleep every night but at least he’s not hogging the covers.

OC’s never seen stairs before and a catamaran has two sets. I wasn’t sure how he’d do but he quickly figured them out.


OC spends about 22 hours a day in bed. So lazy! Some people have to go to work! I was very concerned that he would not be able to get in bed because a catamaran’s bed is pretty high and he doesn’t jump as well as in the kitten days. When I saw him in bed I thought Charles put him there but Charles denied everything.IMG_3892

Mr. OC, I seriously underestimated your cat powers. If there’s a bed, he will find it in five seconds or less and luckily, Charles was quick enough to catch it on video.

22 thoughts on “Teaching an Old Cat New Sailing Tricks

  1. Love the cat photos! We have a cat on our boat too! She is a Greek cat called Artemis, we found her as a abandoned kitten in Greece and has lived with us aboard ever since.


      1. Of course I’ll give my elderly friend what he wants… space on my pillow, food off my plate when I’m done eating, lots of scratches behind the ears. When you’ve had a friend for 16 years who’s outlasted every human relationship there is, well yeah this cat is getting what he wants. I’m pretty lucky that doesn’t amount to much these days but a place on the bed 22 hours a day.

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  2. I loved reading about what your cat means to you.
    Our dog is now 9 years old and it’s hard to know how they’re going to fare. Bilbo was such an energetic dog in his youth, that it’s hard to believe he’s slowing down. Mind you, that hasn’t included his ball obsession and he loves running down at the beach and looks fabulous…so happy. We got him when my daughter was crawling so they are the same age. It’s weird how she hasn’t even become an adult yet while he is now on the other side of middle age. It’s sad that they’re on a different time frame to us. They’re such a part of our families and then suddenly not.

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    1. OC is slowing down and getting a little senile. I have him on some medication but that won’t stave off his old age forever. I don’t have kids, except for this furry one, so when the time comes it’s going to hit me pretty hard. 16 years is a long time to have a friend in your life. I’m shooting for 17-18 years but who knows.
      These days I enjoy the good times, clean up the barf, try not to give him seizures with random noises and tell him he’s a good cat as often as I can.
      Pets getting old is so hard!

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  3. Yeah, never underestimate the power of a cat if a cat wants something, like right now! He might be getting senile, but he knows what he wants, and he gets it. Beautiful cat! Our two are brother and sister, and from the moment they were rescued 8 years ago, as tiny babies, they have never stepped outdoor. They have the run of the apartment, as small as it is, and I would just be afraid to take them on the boat. The little silly girl will not recognize danger. We sail up and down Biscayne Bay, to any of the keys we have time to reach, and depending on the weather. The grill is propane, and I also have a microwave and a crock pot. Coffee maker, of course, that goes without saying. We usually provision very little food, mostly veggies and cans. So we drop anchor any time we feel like it, and I go for a swim or snorkel a little, or drop the kayak down and go exploring, while my husband sits on the deck with a fishing pole and a big cigar. After a while he starts waving at me, which means,”I caught dinner, now come and cook it.” You see how we don’t even need a real fridge, and just in case, we also have a cooler in the dinghy.
    Fair winds,

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    1. The cat definitely prefers our land home to our floating home, but at long as he can spend 23 hours a day in bed he’s pretty happy.
      Aside from trips in the carrier he’s also never been outside! I don’t think he would like it very much.

      Do you have sailing plans for the weekend of the 4th? We’ll be on the hook for a few days but we suspect we’ll have a lot of neighbors for the holiday weekend.

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      1. Sorry it took long to respond! Any long weekend her is a mob scene, especially on water. Everyone and their landlubber uncle get out there with more beer than common sense. So yeah, we are staying on the hook too. Also, our generator was stolen! Someone broke the lock on the box that was covering it and got it. We’ll have to get a new one, probably next week.
        Do you winterize your catamaran off season?

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  4. Our long 4th weekend was not bad at all because of the weather, but I did wake up at 7:03 am to the sound of the motor and my husband pulling up the anchor. More rain in the forecast, better to be a bit closer to our hand home.
    So sorry to hear about your generator being stolen! Ours is pretty heavy but I guess if you’re a big man who’s up to no good that won’t stop you.

    We winterize a but but were onboard on and off all year so it’s still liveable in every season. Our boat is not great for me in cold weather because there are only so many layers you can wear and you can only stay under the electric blanket for so long!
    Do you winterize and close up for the season?

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  5. We don’t have winter, and we don’t have seasons in that sense. We have a tourist season; that’s when all of you guys from up North sail down here to escape from the weather. Here you won’t need layers or blankets, electric or otherwise! LOL

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  6. Glamping is cool! I am talking about winter, though, or rather fall, to stay down here during the winter, when it’s still summer here but not as hot as now. That’s what most people from up North do. Has the weather been good to you? Winds?


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