A Cabin on the River

We’re waiting for sailing season and we can’t stand being away from the water. Renting a cabin on the river during a particularly mild weekend seemed like a quick fix.


Some people’s shoes got a little sandier than other people’s shoes.
Long evenings in front of the fireplace lend themselves to sitting quietly and this was a great time to finish my nephew’s baby blanket. By the way, my nephew just turned 8. Also, he was not that large as a baby.


Coming Soon: Charles is deep into planning his singlehanded blue water sailing trip and I’m tagging along but only for a week. Pleased to meet you, open ocean.


47 thoughts on “A Cabin on the River

  1. oooh i thought that was tight fit jumper 😊😊😊 ee’ve just been to Denmark and made the most of theopen fire place they had there… looking forward to reading about your trip…

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    1. Knitting a large blanket is nice in the winter when it gets large enough to cover your lap. The only problem is finding an expanding bag to carry it around in.

      The pattern is for a baby blanket but between using chunky yarn and double the amount of yarn, it covers a queen sized bed.
      Guess my nephew can grow into it!

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  2. Hello, Sailing! Thanks so much for stopping by Land and giving us a read.

    I am stoked to know there are folks not so far away experiencing adventures together out at sea. I am looking forward to following your blog and reading more about your travels!

    Travel by river and sea has always fascinated me and I hope to experience some similar adventures in the future.

    I’ve a question: Did you experience much motion sickness when you first started out, Tiffany?

    Also, love the blanket! I crochet but have yet to learn how to knit. I am sure your nephew will cherish that blanket πŸ™‚

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    1. Motion sickness can be a big thing when you’re underway.
      At the beginning of out first season, when I would come back to land after being out for a while I would feel like the boat was still rocking if I was standing still doing something like brushing my teeth. That feeling on land went away the more time I spent on the water.

      We had a very tough trip in October with high seas and a small craft advisory that we had to sail directly in to. I felt a little sick during that trip, but the waves were so bad that you couldn’t walk around without falling. I made Charles some coffee but I had to hold the pot on the stove the whole time.

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      1. Thanks for sharing about this, Tiffany. I love that you include links to resources too–for prepping. Very rad! Do you eat ginger chews or take ginger pills or anything like that for sea sickness?

        My apologies for making two similar comments, but I thought my first comment didn’t go through–it didn’t appear to.

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      2. I haven’t had enough motion sickness yet to need anything but I’m probably going to keep something onboard when sailing season starts. Our part of the river that connects with the Chesapeake Bay is notorious for rough sailing and were inevitably going to get stuck in it again.
        I saw some ginger gum the last time I was at the marine store but it was $10! I’ll be looking at bracelets and something with a more reasonable price tag in the spring.

        And prepping… We spend our time on land in a Tiny Space. Think Tiny House without the cute little house. We’re in the middle of downsizing and fitting everything in and I have yet to future out where to store 17 cases of bottled water in 500 sq ft.

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      3. Reading in the car is just not possible for me anymore — if that’s any indication of motion sickness for ya on my end here 😦

        What bracelets? I had no idea about ginger gum either. The Ginger People chews can last though. I l-o-v-e ginger chews and crystallized ginger. I eat a whole bag in one sitting. Yummy!

        Tiny space — sounds like an adventure already. Mami chula, my brain isn’t even processing that spatial dynamic — 17 cases of water in 500 sq ft. What are you on about?


      4. I cannot read in the car either! It’s hard enough being a passenger and trying to figure out something on my phone.
        Thank you for the tip about ginger chews. I need to keep a bag of them on the boat for rough seas.
        I don’t have a bracelet yet but I checked them out on Amazon- look up motion sickness bracelet.
        If you are interested, I can post on the women’s sailing group on Facebook and see what the ladies prefer to let you know the best ones. There are about 7,000 members. The group is great and they always have the best recommendations.

        I checked out your blog the other day, sorry I forgot to mention it. Lovely writing and beautiful topics.
        I was having dinner with a friend who’s husband is studying to become a police chaplain and was telling her about some of your posts.

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      5. Oddly, with my phone, like direction stuff, if it’s super quick and I’m driving — good to go. I know it’s not wise to mess with our phone at all when we’re driving, but when it comes to navigational stuff I need to see it too.

        Posting on the FB group about motion sickness aids sounds great though! 7,000 members — WOA!!! All women? Thank you too. I’ll have to look up that bracelet.

        Tiffany, thank you so much for your encouraging words about the blog. Interestingly, a friend of mine just celebrated a Bday and I messaged him the day after and the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance his thoughtful writing. I asked him if he’d be interested in contributing to Land. The interesting part is, he’s a police officer!

        We became friends, literally, just before I came back home to the Lord, so to speak. I told him that he was a huge influence in softening my heart then. I used to have very unkind and impatient thoughts towards the police force.

        Makes me just go, WOA, DUDE — the Love of God and how His love changed me.

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      6. I posted on the WWS (women who sail) group and I’ll let you know what everyone’s favorite remedy is. It’s not happened to me once, but the weather was so bad that we could not even go to the bathroom without holding on!

        I may have someone who could contribute to Land. She had a recent death in the family so this is either a great time or a terrible time for her to write something. She’s lovely and I will send her your way.

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      7. Thanks again for making that post on WWS. I still have to check out that page!

        You know what I was just thinking? The times I’ve kayaked and canoed I didn’t experience any motion sickness, but that was in much calmer water. And, I think I would be laughing the whole time I went to the bathroom if I had that experience — and squealing. I laugh a lot.

        I am sorry to hear that about your friend. I will pray for her to be comforted by the Comforter. I didn’t think of it before, but I think we are missing email contact info at Land — for followers, etc. I will check into it and get back to you because I’d love to talk to her about contributing.

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      8. If you’ve ever been on a cruise that may give you an idea. Cruises always make feel like I’m still rocking when I’m on land, but that went away on Chiron after the first season.

        Are you near the coast for a day or half day trip? You could always try it out to see how things went.
        I have never been in a kayak- I think my arms would get tired of paddling.

        My friend is still wth family out of town but once things settle and she’s back to work I’ll pass along Land.

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      9. I’ve not been on a cruise. I was on a sailboat once when I was a teenager — Long Beach, California. I think it was a sailboat anyway, lol.

        I am inland about 5 1/2 hours — at least in one direction from Florida. When I lived in Saint Marys, Georgia I was on another boat, but we stayed in some channel off our friend’s home dock. Basically, I’ve not had a truly proper boating experience — YET. Ha!

        Sent you an email πŸ™‚


      10. I Googled the bracelets. I found some interesting info about them from the Sea-Brand website.

        When I worked at a Health Foods store in a Navy town, the general consensus was for the ginger capsules. I will check out the Sturgeon.

        Thank you and sorry for late replies!

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      11. Boom!

        I lived in Saint Marys, Georgia and worked at Act Natural Health Foods Store. Woa! Very rad!!

        I attended Coast Georgia Community College which is based in Brunswick, but we had a sister campus which I attended- Kingsland, GA!


  3. Looking forward to following your blog and reading about your adventures on the water, Sailing!

    Thanks for stopping by Land and giving us a read.

    Blessings to ye πŸ™‚

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      1. I just reconnected with a friend and told him about your blog after which he told me that he is going on a sailing trip starting in November πŸ™‚

        I love when connections happen like that!

        He has a blog about his travels too–which are by all modes of transportation, lol.

        He also includes links to resources that you might find helpful to your adventures. His blog address is michaelohagen.com.

        Mondo peace and love to ye!

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      2. Actually, not sure where he’s sailing to just yet. He threw in that detail tail end of a conversation on Messenger.

        And, no problem! Glad to help connect more folks with each other — especially when they are making such rad treks πŸ™‚

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      3. Tiffany, awesome! This makes me so happy to know you guys are getting connected. I want you to go on adventure already so I can read about it. Geesh! Haha

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      4. Thank you for your vote for adventure- I’ve just informed Charles that we need a trip!

        I’ve been really busy packing and sorting for our upcoming move into the Tiny Space next weekend, but believe me I’ve got travel on the brain in between packing. Speaking of packing and sorting, I’ve donates 13 garbage bags of clothing and shoes since December. Tiny Space means less closets. 😦
        Charles gets tons of random texts from me reminding him that sailing season is just around the corner. Our first trip will probably be to Mattawoman Creek. You can check out one of our first blog posts that has a video showing Charles swimming/towing the dinghy back to our boat when we ran out of gas.

        Since we have a formal request for adventure I will try to come up with something… I need a vacation more than ever to get away from the boxes and packing!

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      5. Having technical difficulties over here, lol. Nearly had my reply typed and swiped something on my phone — gone.

        You are funny! Well, YEA YEA!!! I feel like I am going with you guys, lol. I will check out the video — sounds pretty funny. I mean, you guys might not have laughed as it happened.

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      6. I was kind of laughing as Charles towed us back to safety that time.

        I’m always thinking of taking pictures but that didn’t go over very well the time someone ran over a crab pot and it got wrapped around the motor. Someone driving was not me by the way.

        The most exciting thing we have going on lately is replacing the shower pump. The pictures show a mess of floor boards removed, some technical motor pieces and a bunch of hoses and wires. I’m like yawn this mechanical stuff is not a good post for the blog!

        We won tickets to a riverside restaurant when we sailed in the holiday parade of lights in December. I have a reminder set- the first nice weekend that we can get away we are so there!

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      7. Speaking of that, when Charles was replacing the shower pump I took a bunch of pics thinking it would be great for the blog… because everyone’s dying to know what a shower pump looks like, right? Needless to say, that blog post has not been posted.
        I’m spending the evening with a glass of wine researching a long summer trip into the Chesapeake Bay.
        Do you have any vacation plans coming up?

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      8. Haha! Do you guys ever post about repairs to Chiron?

        Your planning sessions sound lovely, mi amiga. I haven’t any vacations plans coming up just yet, no.

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      9. We have a big refit coming up where we’re going to replace and refurbish almost everything aboard but I think the plans may have been pushed back a bit, so our next major sailing trip into the ocean has also been pushed back.
        I’ve still got some boring pictures of the shower pump ready to turn into something entertaining but it’s a bit of a mess with not much action.

        Speaking of vacation plans, if you make any, I can help! I love travel planning and I’m pretty good at finding deals and good places to stay within a budget that aren’t budget type of places. I could plan trips all day long!

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  4. We spent last night on the dock in a marina on the west side of the Charleston, SC harbor. The wind reached 20 knots from the east, the waves came across the long fetch, the marina basin reflected and amplified them, and Meander and every other sailboat on our side did a hefty amount of pitching through the roughest night we’ve seen so far. This morning, our neighbor in the cabin cruiser across our finger pier told us he saw our rudder come out of the water a few times.

    All this is to say that just about now, a cabin in the woods sounds just about right.

    We look forward to news first of Charles’ singlehanding plans, and then of your first taste of the ocean blue.

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  5. That blanket is looking like quite an achievement, Tiffany. My mum is always buying 000 outfits for newborns and then not quite getting around to posting them and has even sent them when the baby is one or so. I made patchwork quilts for my kids. They were pretty basic. Nothing too difficult or fancy.
    Sorry you are hanging out for better weather. We are looking at 100F tomorrow, so we have the opposite extreme. Kids are going in a regatta with scouts in Sydney Harbour in a few weeks. I think we’ll all be camping there. They don’t quite have the experience to participate in the sailing race yet.
    Hope you’re not too cold.
    xx Rowena


      1. I’ll be posting some photos of their trip tomorrow. Unfortunately, I haven’t anywhere near sailing myself but did make it down to the beach to photograph the sun through the fog.Hope you’ve had a great week and you can start enjoying warmer weather xx Rowena

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