A Dog and a Boat

We recently welcomed an Australian Cattle Dog named Sylvie onto the boat with us. Sylvie comes to us after many years of wanting a puppy and one major downsizing in order to get our homes ready for her.


Let’s go back a few months. We heard some puppies would be ready in the spring. We weren’t ready because spring was far away. Out of the blue we got a “Just come and look, there’s one left,” email with this picture attached. Our first reaction was “Let’s go see over the weekend. Nothing serious, just check it out,” but after each of us spent a few days looking at this picture before the trip, we realized we weren’t coming home without her. Ready or not.


Charles was the first one to hold her before we left the farm.


Sylvie rode home on my lap for almost two hours in a tiny two-seater sports car. I was hooked after her first selfie.


Puppies in life jackets; this is how we know summer’s almost here.


Acclimating to nautical life. Who doesn’t like to chew on the lines?

Upcoming Adventures: We’re sailing down the river and into the Chesapeake Bay, spending half of our nights at marinas and half on the hook. One of our marina nights falls in the middle of a four-day dock party with an annual boat burning. Keep an eye out fresh oysters, tales of the most notorious weather in the Chesapeake and a report on the beginning of summer in the bay.

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” – Anais Nin

27 thoughts on “A Dog and a Boat

  1. Oh my! An ACD puppy on a boat! Hold on to your hats, she’s gonna rock your world! (I have another friend who’s been living on a boat and sailing with ACDs for years. It IS doable … Just remember that when she’s about 6 months old!) 😉

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  2. Re: “Is Honey good with other dogs?” Yes, in our experience, she’s pretty near excellent. At six years old, she is getting to that middle-aged point where she tires more quickly than she used to. But she’s still interested in other dogs, and we think she’ll be glad to meet Sylvie. We know we will be. 🙂

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