Saint Michaels 

After many consecutive days of rain we were thrilled to wake up in a calm anchorage with the bay as smooth as glass.

Just a normal Tuesday- we’re on our way to a marina but some people are working on the Chesapeake Bay. Also, hooray it’s my first cargo ship sighting.

We’d been beating into the wind for days but the morning’s 3-5 knot winds and a mostly sunny sky created the perfect weather for sitting on the top deck with the other cruisers. Looks like deck chair space is limited to first come first served.

After an easy six hour sail we were safely tied up at Saint Michaels Harbour Inn Marina and Spa next to someone with a few more cabins than us.

I talked to the captain of Rushmore, a 106 ft shallow draft yacht from Washington state. They’re on the way to the Caribbean by way of Nova Scotia with plans for Cuba in 2017.

Check out the Rushmore’s luxe interior here. 

The Saint Michaels Harbour Inn lounge makes a mean crudité plate.  

Our spot at the end of the dock was the perfect place to watch sun set over the surrounding marinas.

Resort marinas have perks. If one of those perks is a courtesy van, load up on groceries and call for a ride back. We did and Charles got us a second ride across town to another marina’s fuel dock with our diesel cans. Ahhh, resort living.

 Chips and beer. Do not judge. There’s veggies and fruit on the bottom.

Saint Michaels, also known as the town that defeated Great Britain, is a small historic town with a homey main street lined with boutiques and great places to eat.

During the Revolutionary War, quick thinking folks blew out the candles in their homes and hung lanterns in the trees to trick the invading Brits. Guess who invaded a forest.

Our second day’s lunch was heavy on the margaritas at the best taco joint in town. Because margaritas for lunch…

We spied a baby cruise ship in port as the sun was setting. They’re a few days into a week on the Chesapeake from Baltimore, Md to Williamsburg, Va. According to the American Cruise Lines website, this trip will set you back between $7,000 to $9,000. But complimentary daily cocktail receptions and lectures are found at every turn. I’ll take one of each, please.

We’re pushing off tomorrow morning after a long puppy walk and a bit of last minute marine provisioning. We’ll be ahead of schedule which is always a plus with the ever changing weather during tropical storm season.

15 thoughts on “Saint Michaels 

  1. Your blue boy is getting big! How does he like sailing and boat life? How do you manage his puppy energy on a boat? I love seeing your pics and hearing the history and details. Happy travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Sylvie is getting used to boat life and sailing but I think she prefers being at anchor to being underway.
      While we’re sailing we play games with her to keep her mind occupied when we can’t get out for a long walk. We always make it back to land and long puppy walks.


      1. Oops … forgot “he” is a she! I asked because this breed is very high energy. I mean, I’ve had several over the last 25 years and although it’s been awhile since I’ve had a pup, I remember what it was like! (My last two were almost the same age. Just shoot me!) Kudos to you for keeping her busy! I’ll look forward to more updates and pictures!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes we pull out the jib in light winds but if we have somewhere to be in 3-5, we usually motor.
      Our home river is narrower near our home port than near the mouth of the bay so when we’re under sail, there’s a lot of tacking involved.
      This has me thinking of playing hooky from work the next time the winds pick up!

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