Save Water and Still Spray the Heck Out of Things

We carry 60 gallons of fresh water that we use daily for washing faces, hands and dishes. Our on-board shower is the bathroom sink’s handheld faucet with a drain in the bathroom floor. Almost everything in the bathroom gets wet if you’re showering with wild abandon but we have many convenient cabinets and a clever cover for the toilet paper to keep things dry, and an easy wipe with a huge and thirsty bailing sponge takes care of the floor and walls. All that wild showering and hand washing adds up and 60 gallons of fresh water goes fast with two people, one dog and many hot summer days out on the water.

Who doesn’t need to conserve water?  Campers, picnickers, day trips to the park and beach, and of course sailers and boaters all know a thing or two about how precious fresh water is when you’re far away from municipal plumbing.

On a recent sailing trip that involved an overindulgence in good meals, lots of cooking and loads of dishes, Charles mentioned that the water tanks were getting a little low. We were heading to a fresh water fill-up at a marina but this immediately got me thinking about extra water conservation on our boat.

Enter The Aquabot. Queue up the angel’s harps and dazzling lights. This little green sprayer bottle is better than whatever the actual thing that’s better than sliced bread is. Between the high pressure spray for rinsing and the gentle mist for cooling off, we can’t decide which is better.


Here’s the short 1:50 video called The Mustard Test that convinced us to buy the Aquabot and the Amazon link is below that if you’re as convinced as I was after you watch the video.


Click Here to Purchase the Aquabot on Amazon. 

After using the Aquabot for two boat sinks full of dishes I could not believe how little water I’d used for rinsing and the wheels of my mind were spinning with ideas of where else I could take The Aquabot when we got back to land.

Say goodbye to tracking dirty sandy paws and feet into the house or boat and say hello to a cool mist and a quick drink of water when we’re out exploring land after a long day of sailing.

If you have an Aquabot, please leave us a comment and let us know were you’ve used yours. Picnicking, hiking, dog walking, at the beach, gardening… so many uses for a cool spray of water when you need it the most!


16 thoughts on “Save Water and Still Spray the Heck Out of Things

  1. Very cool! I think I may get this for my cousin, who is an avid rock climber in Arizona. Even the idea that you can drink out of the bottle without unscrewing the lid or tilting your head back is genius. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Your cousin will thank you! This bottle is perfect for drinking with an adjustable sprayer so you can get just the right amount of pressure. All it takes is one finger pressing the top and you get a stream of water perfect for drinking with one hand. It also has a lanyard so you can clip it on a belt or backpack and reach it easily no matter what you’re doing.

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  2. Great idea, I’ve seen bigger ones used over here in the UK, might get one for our dishes, got rid of the dishwasher lol we have got to do them but they struggle with the concept of rinse first 🙂

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