Deadlines and Commitments

Deadlines and commitments were not met today.

“What time do you want to leave?” Hahaha, any answer is the wrong answer because life gets in the way and there’s never enough time to get everything done before its time to leave the dock.

Today was hot and Sylvie needed a nice long walk before pushing off. We walked the opposite way of our usual dog walking route at the marina and discovered a new neighborhood where I learned that water park for dogs is another name for a sprinkler system on a hot day.

Our estimated sail time was 11:00 am but we gave up on the deadline and set sail closer to 3:00 pm. Who’s looking at the clock anyway? We’re towing the dinghy with plans to try out our new electric motor at a great anchorage about five hours from home, explore the shoreline and give Sylvie a chance to stretch her legs.

We passed a rafting party on the way into the cove. Overcast skies be damned, the party must go on.

After picking the perfect spot in an anchorage that was much less crowded then we expected, it was time to visit the beach.

Everyone had a nice long walk on shore.  

We noticed animal tracks on the beach. Back on board as the sun was setting, we watched one lonely deer walking along the beach, eating seaweed for dinner.

Let’s revisit the subject of deadlines and commitments.

We spend quiet dark evenings on the water talking long into the night with no discernible bedtime and no morning alarm clock. The deadlines and commitments on these nights and during the following days start to seem like something for other people,  maybe something we left on the dock at our home marina and maybe something we won’t come back to again.

“On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.” -Rumi

5 thoughts on “Deadlines and Commitments

  1. We know how that feels! We plan to leave at at 10, I am all packed and ready but… the trout are biting! Can’t stop that, right? I go kayaking for a while. The trout are not biting any more, but I am way in the mangrove, going slowly, figuring my husband is still busy trying to catch dinner. By the time I get back, we both want those trout for lunch, so yeah, we don’t leave until about 3. And who cares! I see that you are having a wonderful time, and I am very happy for you!

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