Thank You for Giving Me a Boat Life

Oh, to be young and in love and in need of an extravagant anniversary gift. The crew of Sailing Chiron to the rescue, ready to host a romantic sunset sail for two!

She’s a dancer who’s performed internationally and he’s an up-and-coming indie filmmaker, both on the way up, and both content to enjoy a simple sunset sail and picnic feast on Chiron’s bow for their anniversary. Sorry your cheese plate went overboard, Frankie!


Charles, Sylvie and I stayed out of the way in the cockpit enjoying the breeze and warm weather as the sun set over our city.


In the golden hour while the sun was setting, the world was flooded with perfect light. The river was calm, the breeze was warm and we were all safe, happy and full. It struck me that while we were fulfilling an anniversary wish for our passengers, this boat is part of our normal lives. The sunset, the boat, the river and my little family of dog, cat and husband are my life, my very own real life that I have clawed my way up a mountain to achieve. Fast forward through rough times, good times, tears, laughs and a very long journey, and here I am on the back of my boat with my family living my life, my boat life, a life I wouldn’t have been able to fathom if I’d been asked to make a prediction about my future at the age of our 20-something passengers.

I practice gratitude. Every night I have an alarm set and Charles and I name two things we’re grateful for. Sometimes I pick a silly one like soy lattes but sometimes I pick an important one like cabinets full of food. Big or small things, the things we’re grateful for accumulate and make up the fabric of our daily lives.

Occasionally one of those things strikes me like it did while I was standing in the cockpit with the setting sun, thinking  “I’m here with my family and this is part of my life.”

Thank you, Charles, thank you for giving me a boat life.


“I’m thankful for the sea breeze that feels so good right now, and the scent of jasmine when the sun starts going down.” -Johnny Cash

NPR did a story on how feeling grateful not only helps us feel better, but it may actually reduce the risk of heart disease. It turned out the more grateful people were, the healthier they were. “They had less depressed mood, slept better and had more energy,” says the researcher. Click here to read the article. 


13 thoughts on “Thank You for Giving Me a Boat Life

  1. Lovely post. (If I had to host an anniversay couple on Meander, I could probably find them some private space alongside the exhaust loop and over the gearbox in the engine compartment. Your private space looks nicer.)

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  2. Such a great post. Gratitude is so biblical. It calms the spirit, the mind and the body. Even when thing seem to go the wrong way. I have to remember that daily. It also makes one more pleasant to be around. My flight is booked for the 19th. See you then

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