Recent Adventures That Are All Totally My Fault

Our land days are filled with physical activity and having an 8 month old pup means more opportunity for exercise. Often on long passages we’ve skipped our usual routines in favor of other exertions like hoisting the sails and scrubbing the deck. It’s not quite the same as a good Pilates class but I’ll take what I can get when we’re underway. While provisioning for this sailing trip, I decided to see exactly how much exercise I could get and brought along my yoga mat.


The afternoon air was brisk and chilly in the cockpit on my watch however the cabin air was warm and cozy in preparation for my experimental Pilates class on the water.


With the perfect winds of the bay blowing in exactly the right direction for us to make good time, Charles installed our new whisker pole on the jib.


As I prepared to start an experiment in onboard exercise, OC supervised from a patch of sunshine.


Viola, the yoga mat fits perfectly. My Pilates moves were slightly limited but overall I completed a full workout. I’m exploring small-space cardio next; what I can do in a 500 sf apartment, I can definitely adapt for a sailing trip.

Sailing is always full of adventures. Recent adventures that are all totally my fault include not being able to steer the boat into the wind and almost knocking Charles over the side and losing Sylvie’s astroturf potty because of said steering techniques in high winds. Adventure’s fun but maybe it’s time for a bit more bay sailing practice so we can keep the astroturf and captain on board in high winds when I’m at the helm.


“I was talking just like a person being carried along in a boat by the waves and the wind; without really answering, such a person replies to the only important question- ‘Where are we to steer?’- by saying ‘We are being carried somewhere.’ “- Tolstoy

12 thoughts on “Recent Adventures That Are All Totally My Fault

  1. Ah, exercising on a boat. I am lucky to have enough space on the front deck of my catamaran, but I’m a little shy about exercising in front of the other boats, so I try taking it inside too…. the results are not stellar, but I continue to try – some days.

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    1. Sylvie’s natural business while sailing means holding it for as long as she can, but she eventually does go. We have a dinghy and when we’re anchored near shore, we always take her for a walk before we leave in the morning. And at marinas, she also always gets a walk in the morning.


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