We Will Miss You, Old Mr. Sailing Cat

Shortly after our last sailing trip we said our final goodbyes to our dear old friend and sailing cat, OC. OC was 18, spent most of his days in bed, and slept curled up on my pillow every night. In between the bed and the pillow, any time I was in the kitchen he could be found with his paws on my leg asking for treats. Other occasions off the bed were generally spent figuring what I was eating and asking to share my plate with me.


OC’s fastest route to the master cabin was always through the window.

During his last sail OC spent time outside in the sun and in the breeze of the cockpit. I felt like we’d wheeled an elderly gent out of the old folks home and parked his wheelchair in the sun. OC sniffed the sea air, felt the breeze in his fur, and felt the sun warming his whiskers. He also ate most of the dog’s food when she wasn’t looking.



Many years ago a coworker at a part time job got a cat that she couldn’t take care of. She brought it into work and left it to fend for itself in the office. Not everyone likes cats so there was often no food or fresh water in the bowl and the litter box was always dirty. I already had two cats and you cannot save every stray that comes along.

I tolerated the office cat neglect for less than two weeks, and then I stole OC from the office and told the coworker I’d “hold” him until she got back on her feet. “Hold” him really meant I was keeping him and I’d sooner quit my job and disappear than give him back to her.

18 long and happy years later, my dearest old friend OC, you will be missed.


31 thoughts on “We Will Miss You, Old Mr. Sailing Cat

  1. It is so sad when we lose a furry friend. He was so fortunate to have been adopted by you! ❤

    My husband and I have had many fur friends in our 36 years, each unique, each loved equally, and all deeply missed. I am sorry for your loss.

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  2. So sorry for your loss. We have lost both our elderly cats in less than a year. They were with us for 17 years. The void is huge but we are healing and getting used to the quiet without them. Perhaps in the new year we’ll have room in our hearts for more ❤️. Enjoy your happiest of memories of OC (love the name☺️)!

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  3. So glad you ‘stole’ OC from the office! Surely he’s at the Rainbow Bridge and will be waiting for you when you cross that last sea yourselves … condolences from Abishag and Ira. Peace to your heart until you meet again.

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  4. We become so darn attached to our pets, dont we? Their final days are difficult for them and us. But the wonderful memories of good times with our pets is a saving grace. You were wonderful guardians of your cat. Great job!

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