The Big Reveal- Welcome Aboard Tara

We’re so happy to share our good news with you! Yesterday we sailed down the coast on our maiden voyage on Tara, a Gozzard 36. The water was cold, the winds were calm, and we spent the afternoon getting to know Tara’s personality which is quite different from Chiron’s. We’ve moved from a soulless urban resort to a marina that combines a serious sailing community with wonderful amenities and a full compliment of services. Boat upgrade- check. Marina upgrade- check.

Tara’s first two owners were meticulous in their care of her wood interior, teak on the topside, and the upholstery. I can’t wait to share more pictures once we get moved in because the configuration is like nothing you’ve ever seen on a sailboat. Here’s a peek at the closet in the master cabin, deep enough to hang dresses and wide enough for two. IMG_5900.JPG

We discovered a St. Christopher’s medal at the nav station so we’re pretty much guaranteed fair winds and following seas. Fingers crossed, St. Christopher.


They say it’s the little things that make up the big things. Little things like wow, we have a shiny wooden steering wheel! Right now today that means OMG I cannot believe this fancy boat is ours however once spring teak maintenance season starts I might change my tune as I’m sanding and varnishing wood for hours. Teak, so much teak onboard!

IMG_5895 (1)

IMG_5803 (1)

In addition to perfectly maintaining Tara, the previous owners kept a yacht log. The first entry is dated July 26, 1986 and begins with “We boarded for the first time in the rain.”

unnamed (1)

How you spend your days is how you spend your life. Now that my days will include sailing Tara with Charles and Sylvie, a beautiful new marina, and a friendly and welcome new sailing community, I think this new life we’ve built is shaping up to be a pretty good one.


Note to Charles- Thank you so much for giving me a boat life. I never imagined I’d have a boat like Tara in all the years that I wished for a sailor in my life. Thank you for taking me aboard on this journey. I can’t wait to see what adventures are ahead for us. Click here and scroll down to Tiffany to check out my story.

“We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.”  -Maxwell

IMG_5901 (3)

Hello there, thank you for reading this far. We’ll be changing to Please keep an eye out for The Sailboat Tara so you’ll recognize us. Can’t wait to share our next adventure with you!

49 thoughts on “The Big Reveal- Welcome Aboard Tara

    1. Thank you! We expected Chiron to be on the market for almost a year but she sold in 16 days so we were boatless very unexpectedly.
      We went to see Tara thinking she was out of our price range but we wanted to get onboard that type of boat. The short story is that we fell in love with her and promptly almost fell off a cliff, but then we closed on St. Patrick’s Day and now she’s ours. I’m still reeling, she’s so much more boat than I expected!

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  1. Wow – beautiful boat. I am biased towards multi hulls personally but I have to say you got yourselves a real treasure. Enjoy.


  2. Wow, awesome you guys. We are so excited for you. Look at that boat, wow. What a dream come true for you. Can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures as you journey along. Keep the sails to the winds and a life vest near by.

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  3. Hi guys! Your boat is a beauty!!! Congrats! Any chance for some pictures inside, please? My husband and I are in a process of looking for a suitable boat for us, but still think we do not have enough experience to have one and sail independently. But we are looking anyway! Luckily, this year we have 4 weeks of sailing with professional skipper in plans, so we might feel ready to buy something next year 🙂 And one of your crew member is very cute! Guess who I am talking about!

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    1. Hello! I’d love to share some pics with you. I haven’t posted a formal tour yet because we’re still getting organized. Lots to do on a boat that’s 30 years old.
      The most exciting things we’ve done since moving aboard are that we moved slips and cooked a few excellent meals with our upgraded galley. It was wonderful to come inside to a steam pit pot of puttanesca sauce last Saturday.

      Please send me an email at and I’ll send you a few shots. It will also prompt me to get a real tour posted.

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      1. Hi there! We have been great! No boat as yet, as now we are focusing on getting the RYA Coastal in September! Than we have just two years left before the start of our own adventure, so I think we will have to start looking for a boat quite soon! All the best to you too!


  4. At the outset , let me thank you for liking my post. Had it not been for that , perhaps I would not have known that people led such charming lives in charming boats. Well , we have checked out boats in the past but not that often. We urban land dwellers earning our bread and butter on land find it a thrill and delight to make an occasional trip to the sea and catch that glimpse of some beautiful yachts, or cruise boats that dock by the port. I found your write up so very beautifully descriptive down to the last details of that beautiful closet and it’s size. I have not yet read the other posts, but this one does tell me that this is one blog I will certainly follow…the teak is very enchanting..very rustic , the steering wheel, the nostalgia of the first entry in that log book and the history of TARA… I love her name reminds me of someone I know ! Fabulous guys ! Enjoy and keep detailing it ! We love it ! Have a very safe and fun life. Warm regards !!

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  5. Super excited to follow your adventures! Tara looks like an amazing boat, I love the classic look! I am hoping to be able to head out on my own major sailing adventures one day, for now Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada will be my sailing home!


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