The One in Which Sylvie Goes South

Sylvie and I have driven over 4,400 miles in less than two months, occasionally with Charles and often just the two of us. With Charles, we burn through the miles, stop for necessities only, and Sylvie, and I hope we don’t have to pee again for the rest of a very long time. When it’s a girl’s trip, however, Sylvie and I drive half as long each day. We stay in romantic B&B’s together, we find parks for frolicking and ball chasing, and we enjoy Starbucks and Puppichinos together when it strikes our fancy. There’s a stretch in Georgia where you’ll find yourself far far away from the nearest latte. Stop somewhere before you cross into that no man’s land and enjoy your coffee beverage of choice as you speed past the latte-less citizenry of the Peach State.

On our last solo trip, Sylvie and I had a fabulous visit to South of the Border for gas, a much needed potty break & leg stretch, souvenirs, snacks, and a photo shoot. Always pack a snack, lest you find yourself at Pedro’s Hot Tamale when you’re seeking something crisp and green. If this is you, head seven miles north to Subway. It’s slim pickings on that stretch of I-95 so eat your veggies with a smile, especially if you’ve already eaten the snacks your lovely in-laws packed for you 500 miles ago.

A stop at South of the Border wouldn’t be complete without artillery shells, rockets, mortars, and fireworks. Note the signage prohibiting fireworks from being set off within 300 feet of the store entrance. Luckily, there’s one-stop shopping at South of the Border for all your compulsory or ancillary explosive needs. I wonder about the occasions outside of the 4th of July that call for explosives. Sure, I can see spicing up the odd baby shower or wedding reception with sparklers but do the customers of South of the Border attend that many festive events? Surely they’re not taking artillery shells to weddings and what does one even do with rockets and mortars?

I’m not lion when I say that I specifically stopped at South of the Border to take pictures of Sylvie with concrete animals. Yes we needed gas, yes we needed a potty, but that’s all beside the point. If dog pictures are your MO, you’ve got to own it. They certainly have gas at other exits on 1-95 in Georgia; however, there’s no other Mexican oasis of the south anywhere. Anywhere at all, my friends.

Our photo shoot was rained out, but I love the smell of wet dog in the car. Sylvie feels similarly about wet humans.


Speaking of road trips with my dog that involves romantic B&B’s in Florida, while pets are welcome at this one, you should probably also bring along a human companion. Sylvie and I followed the scenic route along the St. John’s River to The Grand Gables Inn. Circa 1884 but newly opened, we were beyond fortunate to spend the night in a beautiful room before the official grand opening. The hosts are warm and welcoming, and they didn’t even make Sylvie wash dishes when she ate all the cat food.

Coming soon, more on that Florida B&B road trip in which I figuratively dangle my dog over the ledge. Also, Charles is absent from the blogosphere while he’s sailing offshore, details coming soon as well.

Click here for your room at The Grand Gables Inn.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” -A. Rand

15 thoughts on “The One in Which Sylvie Goes South

  1. What a sweetheart! You are so lucky to have Sylvie in your lives. Great picture of your furry friend cuddling your face.

    Our doggies are certainly the best of companions. Just having mine sleeping on the bed while I type provides more comfort than I can express.


  2. You would so love a road trip in OZ, we love our Big Things…………the big pineapple. The big banana! The big lobster. The dog on the tuckerbox! It’s the stuff road trips are made of………..Merry Christmas! Cheers,H

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  3. I have driven by (and stopped once) SOUTH OF THE BORDER for the past 8 years on my trips back and forth from Cape Cod to Miami. We always laugh but it means we’re getting close! Sadly the Starbucks are scarce in the Carolinas so depending on which direction I’m driving I’m either anxious or relieved, lol.

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  4. I’ve driven by there SO many times on my way to Georgia but never stopped. I’m sure my Vinny would love it as well. Much warmer than Maine this morning… -22 at 5:30 am! Brrrrr!

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    1. How’s your weather?! The bay is pretty icy but I know you all got the worst of it up there. I hope you’ve been able to dig yourself out. In addition to the crazy temperatures, we found out that winter winds blow the water out of the bay so at our marina we have boats on the bottom and liveaboards who can’t get off their boats until high tide. For a few of the recent bad tides, with our fixed docks, the level of the dock has been at my chest and shoulders. We’re lucky to have a ramp for Sylvie that I’ve had to climb up and down. What’s your recent winter horror story?
      Hope your warm and cozy this evening!

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      1. – 22 this morning just outside Kingfield Maine with a wind chill approaching-40! Last snow storm dropped 18+ inches with drifts over 5 feet! This winter and one more and I’m all done!

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