The One in Which We Were Published in Tiny House Magazine

During the cold dark months of winter on the east coast we were tucked into a slip and I spent much of that time banging on the keys of my iPad. I’m so pleased to share part one of a two-part article that was featured in issues 62 and 63 of Tiny House Magazine.   I’d love to tell you 100 more things about being published but I’ll save that for a day when I’m not also giving you 2,000 words in one sitting.




Please let us know if you enjoyed this article and thank you for reaching the end of part one. I’ll post part two in a few weeks. As always, I’m looking forward to sharing these tiny pieces of our lives with you.

“Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short.”
– Henry David Thoreau









24 thoughts on “The One in Which We Were Published in Tiny House Magazine

    1. Hi! We vote for taking the leap as soon as your little sprouts can swim. 😉
      There are so many variations to this lifestyle, everything from keeping a small sailboat as a weekend getaway to chartering something big and beautiful in the Caribbean, and many many things in between.
      I’d love to get you out on the water, and maybe also help you pass along the things in your home that won’t be making the journey with you.
      Please feel free to keep in touch if you have questions or just want to chat!

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      1. Oh, that is great. I’ll definitely let you know hitre it goes!! We have my home here as home base right now cause i’m on the road a lot w my job currently (inland lol) ..and so is the better half. But it will become a reality at some point! And I’m very excited for it 🙂

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      2. there are indeed lots and lots of us around the world. My goal was always to build a life I will never need a vacation from. Currently, I am very close to it and the last step which consists of the boat will be coming true when the kiddos are mostly done with school probably. Just because I do not have the patience to homeschool lol The better half is still very busy with his gigs everywhere and so we will probably use it in our ‘older years’ lol First comes the saving for a boat, the prep of the boat, and achieving the goals I have with the home on land aka turn it into an awesome oasis of being self sufficient and super inviting for friends and new people you meet along the way 🙂

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      3. “My goal was always to build a life I will never need a vacation from.” This is a perfect, amazing, and beautiful thing to strive for and I think it accurately sums up what we’ve tried to achieve. I hope when you achieve it yourself you’ll be able to think about that sentence and realize you’re there.
        Once you move aboard you’ll live where others go to get away from the daily grind. Your life will sync up with nature and the weather because when your home floats and birds and fish are your next door neighbors.
        I hope that one day you see a commercial for a vacation resort and realize that being tucked into your floating home is just as nice.

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      4. For me, I live abroad already lol I moved here from Germany almost ten years aoo, kids and myself, and built a good dream already with now building my dream land home base to come home to from all the travelers. Next up will be conquering the seas with my love and life ♡♡

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      5. What kind of land dream home are you building? My idea of a land dream home has evolved within the last few years and I’m not even sure what I’d built if given the chance, so I love listening to the ideas of others.

        Charles arrived yesterday after being at sea for three weeks and we discussed your quote about building a life we don’t need a vacation to get away from. That statement means a lot to me because the longer Charles and I live aboard, travel instead of going on vacation, and continue to make future plans that are different from the lives of climbing the corporate ladder that we once had, I’ll need some sentences to describe our way of life to others. Do you have any other zingers? hahaha!

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      6. Hello. It is always lovely to read from you and to listen about your life and ideas you guys are having and trying to imagine for yourselves!!
        I bought this piece of Land about 1.5 years ago. Put everything in it that I had for that time being and right now as well lol and spend the last year doing the inside lol It’s got country charm, a spa bathroom (which is the newest addition to it all and I finished it mid last week) and now this year I get to spend time and some money on the front yard. That means fence, blueberry, or blackberry bushes along the fence (everything also in the lovely country/cottage charm) and then a small pond which will be framed by all kinds of flowers for bees and butterflies. Seating area, play area for the minions and then, once I saved up for it, the whole front of the house will be taken care off and a deck will be build where the flower beds are right now. partially screened in.
        The back yard will be my biggest project (almost .5acres) and will consist of chicken coop which will be a taj mahal for chickens cause the old shed will be turned into the coop and it’s huge lol The whole back of the yard will be framed with a fence and gate and will host green house, vegetable garden and small seating area and the front, toward the back porch will have a guest house and porch with small seating and evntually put up fro Air BnB I thought. Plus the apple trees and all I have in the yard already LOL
        So it’s defenitely going to be a little farm charm here when it’s all done and I cannot wait 🙂

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  1. While my boat is no match to yours, it’s mine and you know how that feels. Size, cost, quality, they are all relative things in the grand scheme. Happiness being the ultimate goal we all have a path to follow, a river that can run treacherously fast at times and gentle as a butterfly just around the next bend. Each in their own way follow what feels right in their hearts and souls so as to not tarnish the “Dream” we hold up as the pinnacle of success in our individual lives. I will achieve mine in about a year and a half if all goes well. See you on the water!

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    1. Thank you for the email. It looks like our plans changed a bit from backcountry Maine camping to…. shhhhh…. coming soon.
      How are your projects coming along with May almost around the corner?

      They say the best boat is the one you own, and “no match for” is pretty relative, as you’ve said. Truth be told, if Charles wasn’t with me he’d probably be on a 40 year old Baba 32’ somewhere in the S. Pacific.

      We have our fingers crossed for your year and a half plan. I wonder how you can speed things up and get some time on the water sooner?!

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  2. My wife and I loved the Gozzard boats. Visited Ted and his wife aboard at boat shows for years. Ted once told me, “Larry get the boat you want now. Go sailing. So many of our clients wait until retirement. Then they are too old.”
    Super family that makes a boat of excellent quality and innovative design. RIP Ted.

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