We Were Published in Tiny House Magazine | Part Two

Welcome to part two of our article that was recently featured in Tiny House Magazine. On Deadline Day I spent over eight hours in the marina clubhouse living room editing, reading, and rereading the article until I could do no more with the words.

Here’s part one if you missed it last month. 

After pressing Send and barely meeting the absolute deadline, I closed my laptop and shed a few tears of joy. I was overcome by the serendipity of a stranger who happened to also be a magazine editor finding this blog, asking me to open my life to his magazine audience, and giving me space in two issues. Here we are, enjoying the outcome of that serendipity together.

There’s a lot to read so I’ll let you get to it and I’ll meet you at the bottom of the last page.







In January we shared this short video about a cinder block meeting 5″ of ice and Tiny House Magazine also featured it in their article. This video plays but the one below with the lovely red button doesn’t. 










Thank you for letting us share our floating life with you. Please feel free to let us know if you enjoyed the article and if you missed part one, please click here to read The One in Which We Were Published in Tiny House Magazine.

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” – Hunter S. Thompson

15 thoughts on “We Were Published in Tiny House Magazine | Part Two

  1. You make me want to live on a boat and get in touch with my inner Jimmy Buffett. Maybe when I retire and the kids are grown. Also, got to find that Yacht Rock station. Congrats on being published.

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    1. Hello! Your inner Jimmy Buffet will go extremely well with the endless docktail parties that occur at marinas. Everyone seems to be on vacation once they step onto the dock and this kind of vacation means appetizers, endless bottles of who knows what, and the kind of carrying on reserved for cool sea breezes, the calls of seagulls and ospreys, and waking up on the water every day.
      I’ll share a secret that I probably shouldn’t- Charles and I are not really on that kind of vacation since we’re at home among all the docktail parties, but on the other hand, we’ve spent many years working toward having lives that we don’t need to take a vacation to get away from.
      So my advice to you is to get a small boat and a decent marina right now. Today. No need to wait till the kids are grown unless you don’t want to invite them aboard. Get to know your neighbors and occasionally walk the dock carrying a pitcher of Buffet’s best margarita recipe and a stack of red solo cups. This, my friend, will ensure you a season of endless docktail parties and a life that will rival the best of Buffet’s lyrics.
      Thank you for the kind words about being published. It has opened a number of doors for me and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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  2. Enjoyed reading the article. Loved the quote at the end….my daughter has that philosophy too…WOW, What a ride! After living in Poland for a year with the only personal items being our clothes, I realized “stuff” doesn’t matter…people, relationships, travel, exploring is so much more fun! Hope to read more of your adventures.

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      1. Yes! We lived in Bydgoszcz, Poland (my husband was a gov’t contractor working at the NATO base there) but we traveled a lot within Poland – Warsaw, Gdańsk, Krakow, Torun, Poznań, plus a lot of other smaller villages. We also were able to take trips to Vienna & Salzburg, Austria; Vilnius, Lithuania; Berlin, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; and Budapest, Hungary. If another job opportunity opened up in Poland again, we would go back in a heartbeat! Poland is often overlooked as a place to visit, but it’s a beautiful country and the people are very friendly and it’s very affordable due to the very favorable exchange rate: (1 Zloty = .25 cents). I started a blog while we were there if you want to check it out (www.jumpingoutofthebox.com). We’ve been back to visit once since we returned and plan on more visits in the future.

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  3. I know….I need to write more…I actually have 6 posts started…just need to finish them. I’m so far behind…..sigh. We are a VT family – went to HS in Blacksburg, met husband while attending, and both our daughters are graduates (2002 & 2005). Hope to read more of your adventures!

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