Big Apple Pie for a Tiny Kitchen – From Tiny House Magazine

There are a few things I consider myself especially lucky to have. Aside from the big ones like our dog Sylvie, and the H Trifecta, husband, health, and floating home, this apple pie recipe is high on the list. Tiny House Magazine was kind enough to share it with their readership in issue 64 and it warms my heart to know that others will allow their kitchens to be occupied by the most delicious apple pie they’ve ever met.

It’s fun to have a team assist with the baking unless your kitchen, like mine, fits only one team member. It helps to have an hour or so set aside, and it also helps to have pants with an elastic waistband when the pie has cooled enough for a taste test bite, or two, or five. Just saying.

Willy nilly chefs, please take note. Make this darn pie any which way but loose but please don’t forget to line your cookie sheet with tin foil. If you’re too loosey goosey for foil, use a cookie sheet. I beseech you, dear reader. Your oven will thank you later.

Cover Page-1Big Apple Pie Tearsheet PDF-1Big Apple Pie Tearsheet PDF-2Big Apple Pie Tearsheet PDF-3Big Apple Pie Tearsheet PDF-4Big Apple Pie Tearsheet PDF-5Big Apple Pie Tearsheet PDF-6Big Apple Pie Tearsheet PDF-7Big Apple Pie Tearsheet PDF-8Big Apple Pie Tearsheet PDF-9

I hope you’ve made plans to delve into deliciousness! If you have an apple pie recipe tastier than this, I implore you to send it to me using the contact form below as soon as you finish your last bite of this one. Trust that I will bake it, eat it, and probably even share a bit with my husband.

I hope you enjoy this big apple pie for a tiny kitchen. I’d love to hear how things go for you on pie-baking day and how many days you had leftovers. Please scroll to the bottom to leave a reply.

Moving along to our adventures at sea, we’re well into sailing season and our new little 24′ sailboat Yoshi is fast on her way to bigger and better sailing adventures. We’re knee deep in beauty treatments and her grand debut photo tour is on the horizon.

Thank you so very much for reading, see you in a few weeks!

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” – J.R. R. Tolkien

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