Sometimes I Write Fiction

A few days ago we had the boat wrapped for the winter. We’ve been wearing our layers for weeks, and the local weather predicts that we might have a storm over the weekend.  I’ll share some photos soon of how we keep warm and how we cope with living aboard a sailboat when the wind kicks up, the temperature drops, and everyone wants to snuggle.

I’ve limited this blog to sharing things with you that are related to travel, living aboard a sailboat, and sharing a tiny space with a husband and dog. It’s been working well and I consider myself lucky to have so many followers. Thank you so much for coming this far with me!

Today I’d like to share something with you that I’m passionate about, something completely unrelated to sailing and boat life. Many of you have read my magazine articles, and I’m grateful to Tiny House Magazine that they keep wanting to publish my words. I also write fiction, and occasionally I send it out to literary journals. I’ve recently had two short pieces published! Although they have nothing to do with living on a sailboat, I thought some of you might like to read them.

The House

Click here to read “The House,” featured in The Moon Magazine. 

Gas Station

Click here to read, “Maybe it’s a Liquor Store That Sells Gas as an Afterthought,” featured in the literary journal Anti-Heroin Chic. 

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