Being Human in a Tiny House | Published in Tiny House Magazine

Last summer, Sylvie the pup and I drove to New England to meet Charles. He’d been at sea for weeks and his last stop was Newport, Rhode Island. I took a few extra days off, rented a tiny house, and planned to spend my tiny little vacation writing and playing ball with Sylvie. It did not quite go as planned and I was surprised to find that I’m far more comfortable in 188 sq ft than a whopping 350 sq ft. After you read the article, let me know if you’d agree.

January on the water is proving to be as chilly, icy, and windy as ever. We’ve already had a nor’easter and a polar vortex, and the kind folks who predict the weather are calling for another blast of arctic air that might set some records. Let’s just say we’re not going sailing any time soon!

In the coming weeks I’ll be releasing a few articles I published last year but didn’t have a chance to share. Please accept my apologies if you’re longing for sailing adventures on the high seas. We are, too!

Thank you for letting me share my little liveaboard life with you. I hope you’re warm and cozy wherever you are!

4 thoughts on “Being Human in a Tiny House | Published in Tiny House Magazine

  1. Great article! I’ve been fascinated by tiny homes for some time myself, as I come from a family that sold mobile homes and RV’s, all the way down to little pop-up campers. I agree that the one you rented is decorated adorably. I’m so glad you got a chance to actually experience one type at least, to see how it was as far as actually using it and being able to put your things in it. And who better to try one out than someone who is experienced at downsizing already! That made it even more relevant rather than a normal homeowner with no clue. Thanks so much for the enlightenment. 🙂

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    1. Hi, thanks for reading! I had the manager in when I was checking out and I showed her everything I mentioned in the article. I had originally planned for the article to be a review of the community, but it went so badly that I didn’t release the name or location. The grounds were lovely and the manager was great, but if I can’t hack it in 350 sq ft, something is amiss!

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