Nine Needful Things | Published in Tiny House Magazine

When you’re planning to live on a sailboat, or in any other type of tiny space, you usually think of getting rid of things. While that generally works wonders, you’ll also need to buy a few things things to help keep your remaining possessions stored efficiently.

In a recent issue of Tiny House Magazine, I created a buying guide for the things I’ve found most helpful in keeping our 188 sq ft neat and organized. This is a curated list of the items that are essential to making our extremely small space feel spacious and stylish. If you’re also on a tiny journey and have other items to add to my list, please share them in the comments below.

Keep scrolling to see what our little sailboat, Yoshi, has been up to.

Although our home is on a sailboat on the water, I’ve been working on a big land-based creative project. I’m in the process of turning Yoshi, a 40-year old sailboat, into a writing retreat with a $600 budget. Over the winter we had one small mishap that turned into us not being able to sail her this season, so we stored all her sailing accessories in the cabin and hunkered down to wait for spring.

Not too long ago I decided I needed a writing retreat. Charles mentioned that Yoshi was free, and the rest is history in the making,

I’ve come home with paint in my hair three times. My legs are covered in mysterious bruises, and I’ve broken more than a few fingernails. However, when I’m finished, Yoshi will be a writing retreat with air conditioning, WiFi, and running water!

On the left, we have a before shot from when we put Yoshi to bed at the end of the last sailing season. On the right, we have a writing retreat work-in-progress. I’m this close to being done with her, and I have four stories that I’m looking forward to editing once I complete the final touches. Yoshi only needs one small adjustment and she’ll be back on the water, but I’m keeping her on land for at least this summer.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to sharing Yoshi’s transformation once it’s complete.

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