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The one in which Tiffany pretends to be the captain but Charles secretly has his hand near the wheel. At all times.


Tiffany and Charles eschewed wedding traditions in favor of handmade Irish sweaters and traditional clauddagh rings in a private ceremony on the beach, officiated by a Celtic monk in Galway, Ireland..
Tiffany and Charles eschewed conventional wedding customs in favor of handmade Irish sweaters, traditional Claddagh rings, and a handfasting ceremony on the beach in Galway, Ireland.  The sole guest and officiant was a Celtic monk, and this is their only wedding picture.

Tiffany: Years ago Tiffany wished to have sailing and a sailor in her life. She wanted someone to go sailing with and while they were on land, she and this future sailor could read sailing books, research destinations and anchorages (at that landlocked time she had no idea the word anchorage existed), watch sailing videos and make sailing plans. Fast forward to meeting Charles. Soon after they met he disappeared for a few weeks because he bought a sailboat named Quiescent and was taking a certification course on the Chesapeake Bay.

Charles: After a decade in the Navy, Charles joined the ranks in the business factory and worked up to the top of the American Dream. Something was creeping up on him,  “this is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife, how did I get here…” He punched out for the last time and left the country club behind to pursue creative endeavors, some of which involved a sailboat named Quiescent.

Tiffany and Charles: Soon after the Quiescent came into their lives, Tiffany discovered that Charles was the sailor she’d been making future plans with inside her head. Charles discovered that although Quiescent would make a better Atlantic crossing, a bigger sailboat is better for cruising with two.

Sylvie: She’s an Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler) and she loves the water. Sylvie is most often seen in her life jacket while underway and she’s never far from a tasty bone.

This little puppersnapper has been sailing since she was 8 weeks old.


Sylvie likes fine dining on land.



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34 thoughts on “Meet Tara’s Crew and Pup | Send Us a Message | Subscribe

  1. Dear Tiffany,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking the post. Your blog is amazing and quite refreshing! Though I live by the sea, I have never “lived” aboard, but I assume it must be pretty awesome! Wishing you many happy and adventurous voyages!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for liking some of my musings. Nice boat. A friend of mine lives on a canal barge which has recently had its bottom scraped and recaulked and it is now back on the water, enjoying a renewed life. The BBC broadcasted a two hour film of a trip down a canal last year, part of their ‘long time’ series. It got a lot of viewing figures, have you considered doing something like that?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for liking my recent blog post. I prefer to sail upon cruise ships than small boats but what a wonderful life you have and you both share with Sylvie. I will definitely keep an our eye for your next adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Very nice posting this week. I caught a bit of the feeling, I think! Have only sailed three times in my life, nothing else quite like it. Got a bit of that feeling again and I loved it!

    I’d like to do what you guys are doing one day. It’s near the top of my bucket list. Have water all round me here in Fla and I pass several marinas every time I head for one of our awesome beaches here in the Central part of the state.

    Like your writing style too. Descriptive, easy to read but not boring. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Top of your bucket list… there’s a saying among liveaboards “go small and go now.” Living in close quarters isn’t for everyone but it does work!
      I’m truly a city gal at heart but the first time I walked down the dock and saw the scene with the moon and the lights on the dock, I wished I’d done this sooner.
      I bet you have things around you at the beach that give you a pause, same as I do. Sometimes it’s as small as looking out over the ocean and seeing a seagull with wings spread and flying over the surf, a big contrast from what’s behind you in the parking lot with cars and noisy families carrying beach chairs.


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