Save Water and Still Spray the Heck Out of Things

We carry 60 gallons of fresh water that we use daily for washing faces, hands and dishes. Our on-board shower is the bathroom sink’s handheld faucet with a drain in the bathroom floor. Almost everything in the bathroom gets wet if you’re showering with wild abandon but we have many convenient cabinets and a clever … More Save Water and Still Spray the Heck Out of Things

Saint Michaels 

After many consecutive days of rain we were thrilled to wake up in a calm anchorage with the bay as smooth as glass. Just a normal Tuesday- we’re on our way to a marina but some people are working on the Chesapeake Bay. Also, hooray it’s my first cargo ship sighting. We’d been beating into … More Saint Michaels 

Into the Bay

We left last night’s marina in a heavy fog and beat the rain by less than an hour.   Soon it was raining and we determined that we’d have a three hour sail down the river to reach the Chesapeake Bay. Breakfast was served underway and we both ate standing up with Charles at the … More Into the Bay