Farewell to Chiron

We recently said farewell to Chiron. Our plans are bigger and better, emerging, growing, and filled with wondrous and exciting possibilities. Today Charles is gathering the final items from the cabins and lockers. I said goodbye over the weekend and my car is full of boxes holding our life and patiently waiting to see how long it … More Farewell to Chiron

Any Port in a Storm

We spent the night docked at St. Clements Island, arriving safely and tying up in almost total darkness. This 40-acre island is uninhabited in the winter and offers us the perfect place to stop on trips to the bay. We love having a safe place to tie up overnight and take Sylvie for a walk in … More Any Port in a Storm

What Does The Fox Say? Sounds Like a Banshee to Me. 

Ahhh, the relaxed sailing life. Palm trees, dolphins, beautiful sunsets on the water. On this trip, remove the tropics, drop the temperature to 40 degrees with no heat on the boat and add a bunch of winter layers. Wine for me, please! We did have a beautiful sunset over the water, hats, scarves and wool socks aside. This morning’s hot topic … More What Does The Fox Say? Sounds Like a Banshee to Me. 

Recent Adventures That Are All Totally My Fault

Our land days are filled with physical activity and having an 8 month old pup means more opportunity for exercise. Often on long passages we’ve skipped our usual routines in favor of other exertions like hoisting the sails and scrubbing the deck. It’s not quite the same as a good Pilates class but I’ll take what I … More Recent Adventures That Are All Totally My Fault