What Does The Fox Say? Sounds Like a Banshee to Me. 

Ahhh, the relaxed sailing life. Palm trees, dolphins, beautiful sunsets on the water. On this trip, remove the tropics, drop the temperature to 40 degrees with no heat on the boat and add a bunch of winter layers. Wine for me, please! We did have a beautiful sunset over the water, hats, scarves and wool socks aside. This morning’s hot topic … More What Does The Fox Say? Sounds Like a Banshee to Me. 

Saint Michaels 

After many consecutive days of rain we were thrilled to wake up in a calm anchorage with the bay as smooth as glass. Just a normal Tuesday- we’re on our way to a marina but some people are working on the Chesapeake Bay. Also, hooray it’s my first cargo ship sighting. We’d been beating into … More Saint Michaels 

Into the Bay

We left last night’s marina in a heavy fog and beat the rain by less than an hour.   Soon it was raining and we determined that we’d have a three hour sail down the river to reach the Chesapeake Bay. Breakfast was served underway and we both ate standing up with Charles at the … More Into the Bay

Go With the Tide

We’ve had many days of rain but today is hot, sunny and beautiful. Some would say our 11:00 am push off is late but we’re sailing with the tide and not with the clock. We’re heading 90 miles down the river, into the Chesapeake Bay and north to Saint Michaels, Md. Someone who was probably … More Go With the Tide

Are you the Ant or the Grasshopper?

  As a sailor thinking about what’s going into our cruising endeavor, I’ve thought a lot about storing water, provisioning enough food and supplies and how to get water and power while underway without the magic of municipal utilities. While searching for the best ways to store my eggs, which foods keep without refrigeration, cooking with propane … More Are you the Ant or the Grasshopper?